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Winners of the Google 2010 Health 2.0 developer challenge
2nd Runner Up
for the
2006 Start Up Singapore
National Business Plan Competition
Our values and guiding philosophy

Our values and guiding philosophy serve as a compass for our actions and governs our actions in how we behave in relation to our environment

  • Humanity
    To continually create value for the community around us and never lose our humanity by succumbing to the profit motif.
  • Integrity
    To be truthful and honest in all our dealings with our clients, suppliers and partners
  • Accountability
    To be responsible for all our actions and not adversely affect our clients, suppliers and partners
  • Quality
    To leave no job half done and to always do our utmost to satisfy customer needs
  • Passion
    To put our heart and soul into our everyday work
  • Collaboration
    To avoid being selfish by hogging on to all gains unjustly
  • Sharing
    To fulfill our responsibilities as a netizen by contributing to the ever growing pool of knowledge in the online ecosystem
  • Timeliness
    To give customers prompt response when our service is required.
  • Kaizen
    To continuously operate in the spirit of Kaizen. To maintain an openness in terms of spirit and attitude. To be on the constant vigilance on ways and methods to improve the effective and efficiency of our operations that support our businesses processes
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