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How We Operate

In alignment with our values as well as to promote greater transparency so as to aid customers in better understanding our company, we state our operating process in the following paragraphs.

  • Step 1: Discussion Session
    To ensure we have proper understanding of what you want to have in your web application, we will need to arrange for an initial discussion session at your convenience. During this initial consultation session, we will discuss in depth the details of all the features required in your web application.
  • Step 2: The First Round of Research and Analysis on your Requirements
    To keep the price of your web application cheap and affordable, our team will conduct an initial round of research and analysis. At this stage, the objective is to source for existing components, modules and plugins on both the Joomla and Wordpress content management systems that form an exact or close match with the features listed in your requirements. The outcome of our study will be compiled in a document called the Feature Mapping Document

    Components, module and plugins on the Joomla or Wordpress content management systems identified to support your requirements will be be setup for you without additional charges. At such a point in time a prototype will be setup for you on one of our sub-domains. You are expected to exercise due diligence to ensure the identified components, module and plugins on the Joomla or Wordpress content management systems conform exactly with your needs. If your requirements differs from what is provided you will need to make a decision either to use the component as it is or request for a customization at this stage.

    In the event of neglect on your part, which results in your failure to raise a request for customization, such customization raised past this stage will be subjected to a separate cost apart from what has been stated in the quotation.

    The system features will be as it is by default in event of ambiguity. The need for you to exercise due diligence can not be over-emphasized. You will be required to sign off on the Feature Mapping Document in acceptance of what is stated before we proceed to step 3.
  • Step 3: The Second Round of Research and Analysis on your Requirements
    This second round of research and analysis will be conducted on the features listed in your requirements not supported by any existing components, modules or plugins on the Joomla and Wordpress content management systems.

    Our team will draft up a corresponding work flow diagram for each and every of these features. Where views exist, we will present hand drawn illustrations to faciliate discussion

    We will hold a few rounds of discussions with you to ensure the software to be built conforms exactly to what you require prior to project commissioning.

    When the workflows are finalized, each of these items will be included in the itemized quotation. You will be required to sign off on each and every work flow diagram document in acceptance during this stage as well as all accompanying hand drawn illustrations (if any).

    Once again it is expected that you exercise due diligence to ensure was is documented in each and every work flow diagram in line with your intent.

    In the event of neglect on your part, which results in wrongful drafting of a workflow diagram and thereby wrongful creation of customization, any additional customizations other than documented will be subjected to a separate cost.

  • Step 4: Commissioning of Project
    As a customer you will have the freedom to choose off the furnished quotation the items you want implemented. In the event whereby there is a dependency by a choosen item on a non-choosen item, we will adjust the corresponding workflow of the choosen item with another round of discussion. A revised itemized quotation will thereafter be furnished.

    The project which includes setup and all choosen items will commence upon receipt of 50% down payment on total project cost.
  • Step 5: Creation of customized website design cum template versus choice of pre-fabricated website template
    Our designer to draft an initial mock up on the look and feel of the various views of your web application in the event whereby your choosed for a customized template. Once you are satisfied with the look and feel on the mock up created, you will be required to sign off on the Mock Up Acceptance Document in acceptance. The customized designed will be considered confirmed at that point in time. No further adjustments to the mock up will be entertained. Any further adjustments to the mock up will be subjected to a separate cost.
    If you choose to have a pre-fabricated design, you will be presented with a list of template directories from which you could go about shopping for your web application's look and feel. The template choosen will be used as is, without any customization or adjustments. In the event whereby you require customization to the template, such customization will be subjected to a separate cost.
  • Step 6: Implementation of Functionality
    Our project manager will craft up the PERT graph to provide you with clarify on what is happening at the current point in time in the software development cycle. This will also ensure the timeliness of the development and implementation for your requirements. To ensure quality of development, each item will be subjected to testing prior to integration in the main system.Discounting the existance of dependencies between requirements, each and every requirement of yours will be processed concurrently ensuring a fast turn around time averaging at 50% faster than market average software developement rate.
  • Step 7: Delivery and User Acceptance Testing
    In the final stage of the software development cycle, we will deploy your website on the live hosting server and bring you through each of the requirements defined in stage 1.
    Upon acceptance of all required implementations, we will collect the final 50% project balance
  • Step 8: Knowledge Transfer and After Sales Support
    We will spent a session with you on how to use the functionalities of the site. In the event you wish to be shown how to optimize your site for specific search engine keywords, we will provide guidance for you as well. This will involve the learning of how to use Google Analytics, Google Web Master Tools, Google External Keyword Tools as well as the Alexa Tool bar.
    Should you have any questions during your active use of the site, you could always give us a call or drop us an email. We will respond to your questions by sending you an email with a video attached on how to solve your problems. We will also add the answer to your question in our knowledge repository to facilitate your future reference.
By industrial standards our 8 steps process is considered
stringent and demanding
on both parties involved. It ensures:
  1. The smooth flow of the project to be commissioned,
  2. Minimal disputes and hard feelings between both parties
  3. A high level of quality in the web application to be created.
Your cooperation is important.
If you would like to inquire further into the details of our service
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