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Our Company Policy

Our company policy is a set of guideline that our staff is to refer to in their decision making process in the event whereby decisions are required on exceptional occurances outside of the operating scope defined in our normal operating procedure.

  • We will forego a project if clinching such a project will inevitably lead to either the loosing of the same client in the future or the tarnishing of the company's reputation.

  • We strictly do not engage in the development of web applications that promote or are related to the following topics:
    • Drugs
    • Sex
    • Violence
    • Animal Abuse
    • Multi Level Marketing
    • Ponzi Schemes
    • Get Rich Quick Schemes
    • Gambling

  • To ensure clarity in communication, quality of software deliver, we strictly do not deal with clients through third party agents.

  • We will not furnish a quotation until the two following conditions have been met:
    • Scope of the software to be developed has been thoroughly discussed and clearly defined
    • We have established a mutual coherent understanding on the software to be developed between us and the client.

  • In the event of ambiguity, we will conduct research until all aspects has been defined and the ambiguity cleared

  • We will provide a single point of contact and will strongly encourage the same for our would be clients.

  • We will request for a non-refundable 50% down payment once all aspects of web application has been documented in detail prior to the start of our software development process.

  • We aim to respond to technical support questions from existing clients within the same working day.

  • We aim to respond to sales inquiries within 2 working days - even if to inform them that we will not be able to engage them

  • We reserve the right not to engage with any new prospects in the event whereby we do not have the available capacity to do provide service at the level of quality that fits our level of expectation.

  • We do not provide consultation sessions on weekends and after office hours.
Monday, 25th Jan 2021
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