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Winners of the Google 2010 Health 2.0 developer challenge
2nd Runner Up
for the
2006 Start Up Singapore
National Business Plan Competition

What our clients say

"My company came to engage Gary after he came very highly recommended by a close business associate. Initial discussions were very comfortable and we were pleasantly surprised at the rates he quoted for his full service website design and migration to Google Apps. He was very patient with our micromanagement of the website design and was able to not only get it done in just a few days but also took time to give us tutorials (in person and via personalized videos he uploaded to youtube) to enable us to update the site on our own in the future.

I highly recommend Gary for your website design and/or migration needs, although you better act fast as he’ll probably be the next Silicon Valley billionaire soon!

Nadar Ajlani

Nadar Ajlani
10th Oct 2011

"We engaged Gary to create a web site for our business and were impressed by his contributions and responsiveness. Patient and knowledgeable, Gary has spent much time creating and proposing solutions.

His willingness to accommodate our schedules and willingness to understand our business model reflects a good attitude and a commendable customer service.

His follow up services also deserves praise and has exceeded our expectations beyond the timely delivery of our site.

I highly recommend his services and trust that he will deliver to whoever engages him as how he had done so well for us.

Chong Jen hou

Chong Jen Hou
6th Oct 2011

" Gary was of a key contributor to my online store project and what impressed me the most was his promptness, friendlines and professionalism. From the onset, he proved that he knew his stuf. He was keen to listen and even shared my excitement and egged me on at times. After I shared with him what I wished to do, he quickly reverted with a systematic proposal and included things that I didn't even think through before. This exemplified his thoughtfulness and knowledge!

Despite my numerous questions and requests, he handled them patiently and didn't once make me feel I was asking stupid questions though I know I was, on quite a few occasions.

I'm thankful for his willingness to share info and it's great he thought me the basics of photoshop, I can now create professional looking banners and collaterals on my own to support my overall branding strategy.

I would recommend Gary to anyone trying to create a website, you will be in great hands!"

Ivy Woo"

Ivy Woo
Charlotte's Web
9th August 2011

" I am Gary's ex-school teacher, but now he has emerged as my teacher to guide my staff and me to set up my website on my own. I admire his great knowledge on internet. He is so brilliant that with his tips and advice, my website has notched up the position to be at the top when anyone tries to google the name of my company. That is amazing as mine used to rank way below. I heap praises for his great patience by sending tutorial steps to guide my staff and me whenever we get stuck as to what to do next. He should be highly sought after when you need someone to come up with solutions for internet problems. He is a fascinating whizkid."

Joanne Choo"

Joanne Choo
Joanne Choo Language Center
1st August 2011

"I live in the USA and I am the owner of a small web design company and needed a special component for one of my websites, here in Maine, I contacted Teh Gary, of Gary Consulting Group, located in Singapore, to see if they could design a Joomla component for my website. I can personally attest for his teams professionalism and accuracy in creating the Joomla Component I needed for my website. My website needed a very specific registration component with Paypal integration. Teh Gary designed and worked with me by email, and in just a few short days, they had completed a very complex joomla component to achieve what my online business required. A simple install in the back end and I had just what I needed!

I create Joomla based websites for my clients and sometimes there are issues I can not resolve on my own. I used to have to manually enter user information into an "Article" using an html table, I had to manually register each user and provide a user name and log in manually, all to which took me a great deal of time for over 400 users in a two week period, the component that Gary Consulting Group developed for me was perfectly designed to my needs, my site is now 100% automated by the user when they pay for my website services! They even created a module that allows me to enter information manually when my users pay by telephone! Do not hesitate to use this company for all your Joomla designing needs, I know I will use them again for sure! Very reasonably priced too!

Steve Beckwith

Steve Beckwith
Moose Permit
6th June 2011
"I am writing to reference the website that Gary Consulting Group has successfully completed for my company, Resolve Systems.

I must say that I was very impressed with the quality of work that Gary Consulting has produced. Their designers and consultants exhibited professionalism, competency, and dedication in what they were tasked to do. I provided them with a brief and some essential requirements that I expected of my company website. They not only met my objectives, but also provided very good hands-on training and instruction to my team such that we were equipped to further develop and embellish our company website on our own. This was very essential as we need to further develop the company website on our own as our business expands.

I highly recommend Gary Consulting Group to any company who is looking for a professional and highly competent team to partner them in their website development. "
Mark Woo
Resolve System
27th May 2011
"Gary was such a pleasure to work with. What I was really impressed with is his willingness to teach. Gary is different from other web designers that I know of, instead of building a website and then expecting to charge for every subsequent change, Gary makes sure to teach me how to make these changes (in simple layman terms without needing any programming knowledge!) and gives me the resources to succeed. Additionally, I was very happy that he spent a lot of time explaining the importance of building presence on the internet and even provided me with a comprehensive and easy to follow list of strategies to ensure my website is easily found on search engines like Google. At the end of the day, not only did I get a website that I was very happy with, I got an education on creating an online marketing strategy to build sales leads. Thank you so much and job well done Gary!"
Business Owner
Apple Soiree
16th May 2011
"Hi Gary,

Really appreciated for your help. Email to so many webmaster only you reply me ... Really touch that you show the rite way by create a little short video for my easy understanding. Really touch and appreciated. Thank a million :)

Rosebelle "
Senior Marketing Director
Singapore Properties Launch
30th April 2011
"Hi Gary,
Would like to thank you for your advise in helping my site to improve in ranking. From 22mil now up to 1.2mil. Hope to be on top real soon. Thank you."
Wendy Cheng
Business Owner
My Singapore Launch
14th April 2011
"It's working execellent job!"
Business Owner
Arte Sofi
25th Mar 2011
"Hi Gary,

Actually I meant to email you to thank you: Ganesh travel is now no4 on google if I do a "ganesh travel" search.....this is great news ! As for webmaster tools, strangely there are two sites: and Looking at both webmaster tools and analytics, there are lots of keywords that are being used for the moment...I guess I need to keep tracking for the time being."
Celine Flynn
Business Owner
Ganesh Travel
8th Feb 2011
"Gary came highly recommended by my brother, an owner of a modeling agency, to help me build my website from scratch. Not only was Gary flexible, he was sure and most importantly, he responded very fast on all matters even after the entire project was completed and paid for. I have benefited from his style of project management; my site was up and running in a week. Gary also provided me with a set of highly innovative instruction video which, I found very useful for a layman. I found his after sales service to be superior, he never fails to respond."
Oliver Lim
Artisan and Chief Instructor
Olive & Glen Culinary School
"I was introduce to Gary by a friend of mine as i'm setting up my own online shop. Gary is very helpful and friendly. He takes all my concern and request seriously and completed the job way before the dead line. I appreciate his help with the setting up and also the after service. Will definately Introduce him to all my friends."
Serene Aw
"WOW!!!! Thanks so much Gary. Well done. "
Ermilia Smith
"Good work for the site! I have strange models from countries I don't even know exist emailing me wanting to work for me... The Site Looks Good. "
Justin Lim
"Thanks... ...and thanks again for doing over and above what I am actually paying you for! Cheers Catherine"
Catherine Rose
News Release
Joining Silicon Valley Based Startup - Disconnect

We have recently joined Disconnect Inc a start up based in Silicon Valley as a founding member. Disconnect has now 600,000 active users. Facebook has finally went IPO, Disconnect Inc recently launched a Facebook Connect Application that helps you calculate the value of your data to Facebook. Try it out and share it on your own wall too :)

Techcrunch Disrupt Hackathon 2011

Come 8th of September, our team will be sending our representatives from Singapore to attend the Techcrunch Disrupt Hackathon that will be held in Silicon Valley, United States

The Techcrunch Disrupt Hackathon is a once a year international event whereby software developers from all over the world come and pit their minds together to share ideas on the latest trends and happenings in technology

The format remains the same – a little less than 24 hours to create a hack on site and present a working demo to an audience of developers, press and industry insiders. - A site by the Singapore government runs on the Joomla content management

As PHP matures as a scripting language, more and more enterprises see the corresponding open source content management systems built on top of this platform as a viable low cost alternative to the more expensive proprietary content management systems availabe in the market

Singapore Food Festival since its inception in 1994, has grown to establish itself as a key attraction within Singapore’s calendar of events. SFF seeks to showcase the diverse food offerings in Singapore inspired by Singapore's culture and heritage. For the entire month of July 2011, participants can look forward to sumptuous fare leaving them with unforgettable gastronomic experiences islandwide in Singapore!

The official site for the Singapore Food Festival runs on Joomla. PHP open source technologies thus makes further headway into Singapore's public sector.

2nd Runner Up for the 7th Start Up Singapore
Start Up Singapore 2006

Our team in collaboration with experts from multi different disciplines entered into the 7th Start Up Singapore National Business Plan Competition (Youth Category) in 2006 and came in 2nd runner up.

Our entry for competition ZigBee was judged based on commercial viability, scalability and defensibility.

ZigBee is a technology platform that allows toy makers to build toy of the next generation. Toys implanted with the zigBee platform would be able to do voice recognition as well as read off a book based on RFID technology.

Start-Up@Singapore (S@S) is the flagship project of the National University of Singapore (NUS) Entrepreneurship Society and is supported by the NUS Entrepreneurship Centre and NUS Business School Alumni Association.

Launched in 1999 and now in its twelfth year, S@S is a world-class business plan competition that aims to be the beacon for start-ups on their road to success.

Since its inception, S@S has established itself as Singapore’s global business plan competition. It has attracted more than 1800 teams and 6000 participants, both locally as well as from countries such as Australia, Canada, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Greece, the Philippines and Indonesia. In addition to this, S@S has also spawned more than 60 start-ups, including award-winning businesses like tenCube, FriarTuck,PerceptiveI, World Indigo, PurpleAce and Quantagen. Many of these start-ups have gone on to do extremely well in other national and international business plan competitions.

In its formative years, S@S was fashioned solely as a business plan competition. Yet in recent years, it has grown and evolved to become much more than just a contest. S@S today represents a renowned model for entrepreneurship.

The main business competition is aptly supported by an awe inspiring structure of networks and capital. Over and above the financial endowments that are awarded to winning business plans, S@S provides current and aspiring entrepreneurs with a staggering repertoire of resources, such as educational seminars, training aids, team building workshops, mentorship opportunities and networking sessions.

Backed by an illustrious history and unrivalled expertise in the field of entrepreneurship, S@S is recognized as the largest and most prestigious business plan competition in Singapore today.

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Singapore Web Design Team wins Google Developer Challenge

Our talented web design team participated in the Google 2010 Health 2.0 Developer Challenge held at the Google Campus, Olympus Mons Room in Building 1400 Crittendon, 400 Crittenden Lane Mountain View, CA 9404 and emerged winners.

The panel of judges comprised of experts in the pharmaceutical industry in the United States, Venture Capitalist in Silicon valley as well as top technical executives from IDEO (a leading innovation and idea generation company in Silicon Valley) and Google (the number 1 search company in the world).

Our work won based on the following aspects:


Our concept was entirely new in the market. It was not something that was already done.

Speed and clarity

We were one of the few teams who were able to create a working prototype within the alloted time of 6 hours. We were thus able to demonstrate our concept with high clarity in front of the panel of judges.


Our concept was considered by the panel of industrial experts to be commercially viable, potentially lucrative and highly scalable.

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Here is our team:

A screen shot of our submission for the Google 2010 Health 2.0 Developer Challenge


Sponsors of the Google 2010 Health 2.0 Developer Challenge:




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