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How To Create A Site Map for Search Engines

Optimizing the links and URLS on your PHPbb forum will not be sufficient. There are actually two parts to a PHPbb SEO process. The second part of the process requires you to create a SiteMap which you could submit to the search engines. To do so, you will first need to download the following package

I have tested this on PHPbb version 3.0.6 and version 3.0.4

Once you have done so, simply unzip the contents of the archive to a convenient location.

Next copy the contents from a folder called root in the package to the root location of your PHPbb system.

Navigate to the URL http://your_phpbb_site/gym_sitemaps/gym_install.php to install the module

Go to your ACP to copy the newest .htaccess content to replace update in your .htaccess file

Also you will need to set your forum permission. Set Bots and Guest to read only.

Once that is done you can go see your site map at the following URL  http://your_phpbb_site/gymrss.php

A common problem that occurs when you first install the gym_sitemaps is that you get a 404 error when you navigate to URL  http://your_phpbb_site/gymrss.php which states that the link you are navigating to does not exist. To solve the error you will need to refresh your cache.

To do so you will need to change the content in the following file <phpbb_system_root>/cache/data_gym_auth_forum_guest.php

$expired = (time() > 129791) ? true : false;
if ($expired) { return; }

$expired = (time() > 129) ? true : false;
if ($expired) { return; }

This will reset your cache.


Thursday, 21st Jan 2021
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