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What is Search Engine Friendly URL

Search Engine Friendly URL is a URL location that can be easily understood by the search engine bots.

Take for example the following two URLs:


Example 1 has a query string in its url. A query string is defined by the section of the URL that exist after the ? , in this case it is ?topic=1.  Based on the existence of this query string we know that this page ( is a dynamic page. Most search engines do not index the  dynamic pages.

Example 2 has not query string in its url. Search engine will recognize this as a static web page. Also the file name of the html page gives search engine context by which to index it.

All content management systems generate their pages dynamically. Hence by defaut they will look like example 1. However some of them has this feature that can turn all URLs to look like the format of example 2.

The Following Open Source Content Management Systems has that ability.

  1.  Joomla
  2. WordPress
  3. EzPublish
Friday, 22nd Jan 2021
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