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It all started out with Satheesh's from MindNeurons' decision to participate in the Kaplan MBA Challenge. Intuitively I knew he could harness even more votes for himself in the competition should he set up his own blog as well as his own facebook fan community.

Thus over one night of intensive work we did. Before we know it due to the existance of serependous elements his blog came to become number 1 in Google Search. You could try it out, search for "MBA Challenger"

Jim is the mentor of Satheesh, he happened to know what happened to the blog.

He wanted pretty much the same stuff to be done for SingaporeRental.Com. A meeting was set up for the three of us. After much discusssion and understanding, I proceeded to revamp SingaporeRental.Com to bring it effectivly over to the new Web2.0 era.

Currently I am working on doing the integration between Facebook Connec, Twitter and A few more days of work is foreseeable but I am really excited about the potential of this site.

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Monday, 25th Jan 2021
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