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RushTalk is "The One Place" in your internet world...It’s the one stop Place to extract emotions, have fun & gather knowledge!!

Connect with your world using PAD, the social networking platform from RushTalk Discuss & Debate with Billboard, the community forum for all needs & actions Read lines that reflect true situations in life in Bubble, the journal of thoughts Play & win the contest of your senses in Workshop, the Entertainment quarry Find out facts, enjoy Trivia & have a laugh in Addictions, the Fun & Fact zone Experiment with your Knowledge in LAB, the Quiz Pool Update, Upload & Understand the world around & the hot Happenings in Pitstop, the window to News, Current affairs & more

Our team provided them with consultation on the best way to implement the vision they have in mind. We helped set up Joomla content management system, the customizations and provided them with the necessary training.

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Monday, 25th Jan 2021
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