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One Crazy Price

One Crazy Price is a brain child of me and my wife image. My wife is interested in arts and craft from the far east so one day I thought rather than just limiting the enjoyment within the family we should spread the joys of far eastern popular crafts to the rest of the world.


  • We have frequent introduction of new products.
  • As different product types have different configurations it is rather hard to have a shopping cart with the proper fields catering to all our needs.
  • My wife would like to have a simple way of managing the products as well as receive money for the payment of online purchases.

Our proposal

  • I proposed the use of the Joomla 1.5 content management system with a selection of plugins namely Boncko and Simple Caddy
  • We can now present our products to the rest of the world easily.
  • We can now receive payments online easily via paypal
  • My wife is a happier woman since she now can share her joy with more people over the internet.
Monday, 25th Jan 2021
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