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How to setup a wordpress shopping cart on for free

We have came across multiple instances whereby IT companies charge unknowing clients tons of money for setting up a Wordpress site. The truth is clients are able to do so themselves without much aid from these IT companies. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to setup a Wordpress shopping cart for yourself. We will be using the GoDaddy webhosting account for demonstration purposes.

This video shows you what you should do once you have setup your GoDaddy webhosting account.

Once you have finished setting up your wordpress site, you are now ready to setup your Wordpress WP e-commerce Shopping Cart.

The following video shows you how to accomplish the following three things

  • Setup your Wordpress shopping cart
  • Configure your Wordpress shopping cart
  • Setup a Wordpress template

The last part to this tutorial has nothing much to do with setting up the Wordpress Shopping Cart, however it is the most important step of all, as it involves telling Google that your shopping cart exist. Doing this step will ensure the contents of your online catalog show up on the search engine results page (SERP).

If you meet any problems
in the process of
setting up your Wordpress Shopping Cart
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we will be glad to provide you with further instructions
Wednesday, 27th Jan 2021
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