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When less means more

We have done internet web consulting for quite a lot of businesses over the years and had the opportunity to come across multiple different kind of requirements and business models. One of the key thing that we realize along the way is that sometimes more does not mean better. The chief idea to keep in mind is that technology is a too, the means to an end and not the end itself.

There are occasions when we come across requirements by customers which include a long list of features. Customers are usually astonished as to the price of getting all the list of features implemented for their Joomla content management system or wordpress blogging system. Yes economics does apply in the realms of technology too. The law of scarcity states that there will be unlimited wants but limited resouces available.

Often in the above scenario, we would sit with our clients and help analyze how closely the features they require would support the needs of their business model. In the midst of this we will be able to clearly segregate their wants versus their needs thereby removing those features that are not essential thereby cutting down on the cost of any particular implementation to within the range of their budget.

However as with any online systems (Joomla content management system or wordpress blogging system) that are built to attract visitors, the true cost is not with the amount of money spent acquiring the system and getting it setup and deployed on a live server.That is but the tip of the ice berg, for any such system to be a success, massive time and effort must be devoted to growing the community around them.This time and effort is the true cost that any site owner will incur. It is not a one time effort but requires constant consideration and devotion to lone campagining.

One approach that is popular amongst markeeters that do it online is what's commonly called the write once publsih everywhere.

Imagine creating an article on your Joomla content management system or a blog post on your wordpress blogging system. After you publish it, this article automatically gets syndicated to your twitter account, your facebook fan page, your personal fan book account as well as your google buzz account? This is what is defined as write once publish many place.

So with the click of a button friends and followers from your facebook, twitter and google buzz accounts will all be notified of what you are up to and your message will be able to deeply penetrate all the social networks you belong to. 

To further continue along this lines, what if you have google analytics installed on your online system (Joomla content management system or wordpress blogging system)? You will thus be able to know from which social network is your traffic most active. You can thus devote more time and effort to the ones where your presence is not as strongly felt or to reinforce your presence on the ones that you are already very strong in.

In conclusion, it is generally advisable to spend less resources on acquiring features you don't really need and more resources on things that really matter when attempting to build a web site. 

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Thursday, 21st Jan 2021
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