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Content Management System Explained
This article introduces the main advantages and pitfalls of a Content Management System. Read on to find out what smart website owners are using...

Content Management System (CMS) is an online system for managing your website. Through a CMS, editing the content on your website is as easy as using Microsoft Word! You simply type in your content through the CMS interface which is liken to typing in a word processing software and the CMS will publish it in the website. There is no need to learn programming languages such as HTML, PHP just to change the content of your website.

Beyond simplified editing of web content, there are many benefits of using a CMS for your website. Here’s a list of the main benefits you can derive:

Zero maintenance cost
You do not need to hire a web designer just to update your website. Through the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface, you can easily change the content of your website just like the way you change the content of your Microsoft Word document. There is no need to learn HTML or any programming languages. Anyone can do it.
Unlimited web pages
Through the administrator panel, you can add any number of web pages to your websites. You do not have to pay for any additional web pages.
Quick response to market
You can update your website anywhere, anytime as long as you have an internet connection. In this fast-changing business landscape, your response to the market is faster and more accurate.
Cost saving
As your business grows, your website needs to grow. Leveraging on ready-made extensions for your CMS, you can enhance your website’s capability in a short time, saving cost and time of custom development.
Security enabled
You can grant different access level and permission to your staff so that the website and its content’s security will not be compromised.
Scalability and Flexibility
As your business grows, you would need to provide more services to your customer through your website. Add a mailing list, provide catalog browsing, install a shopping cart, or create a marketing survey form on your website. Do all this easily and cheaply by simply installing the functionality you need on your CMS. You do not need to rebuild your whole website just to add a shopping cart.

However, there are drawbacks to implementing a CMS too. Here’s what you should look out for:

Learning curve: As with all new products, you would need to spend time to learn how to use it. You would need to learn and understand how to use the CMS to maintain your website.
Solution: Look for a good vendor who provides training and after-sales support so that you can always rely on the vendor to help you out. Moreover, you can also experiment with the different CMS available in the market to decide for yourself which one is the most intuitive and user-friendly to you.

Limited developers: If you are looking for developers to develop a new functionality for your website, they would have to understand the CMS you are using in order to complete the job for you. This would limit the number of developers you can choose from.
Solution: Choose a popular CMS. This would ensure a large pool of designers and developers for you to choose from. Moreover, popular CMS would also have a large number of extensions available for you to leverage on. These extensions are mostly free, if the CMS is open-source, which in turn saves on the costs and time of development.

In conclusion, the overwhelming advantages of using a CMS has influenced many old websites to convert to a CMS-based website while new websites are often built based on a CMS. In current technology and business climate, it is the most cost-effective and sensible solution to adopt.

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Tuesday, 20th Oct 2020
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