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A warning against unethical SEO practises

There does exist cheap and easy ways to get to the top of search engine rankings. However it is best that you be discerning when applying these so called cheap and easy methods, for not all of them might be legitimate. While the process of optimizing a website for the search engines is easy, the process of getting your page ranked right at the top is a long and tedious process. To know more about how to do so, please refer to the article "Boost the Google Rank of your Wordpress Site Legitimately".

This article concentrates on the topic of unethical search engine optimization practices that will very likely get your website blacklisted by major search engines. In laymen terms, it means your web site will never appear on any search engines regardless of how hard people try to search for it.

Bad Practice No 1 : Overly enthusiastic keyword usage

It is a known fact that search engines love keywords on your web pages. Some webmasters thus resort to stuffing tons of keywords on their websites resulting in contents that do not make sense at all to readers. This practice is commonly known as keyword stuffing.

Some webmasters being more advanced than others in terms of technique, resort to a more sophisticated form of keyword stuffing, resulting in contents that do make sense to readers, but tons of hidden keywords of screen that really tells the search engine spiders something else.

A typical example of the latter illegal form of keyword will look something like the below.

   <div style='display:none;'>

Explained in layman terms, the above chunk of code hides the keywords from sight of the unknowing visitor via the term style='display:none'. While designers and programmers would employ the use of style='display:none' styling to for stylist purposes or programming purposes, due to extensive use of Ajax on a web, a true tell tale sign that gives the game of keyword stuffing game away is the unnaturally high occurring rate of a specific keyword that is hidden, in this case the keyword is "keyword".

While such a practice will get you all the way to the top ranks at a really fast rate, it will also get you black listed really fast as well. In the event whereby you do engage a Search Engine Specialist to optimize your website, do check the html source code of your web pages to ensure what he did for you is legitimate. If you are using Firefox as a browser, by simply pressing the keys Ctrl+U , you will be able to bring up the panel that shows the html source code of your website.

Bad Practice No 2 : Engaging in illegal link exchange networks

There are softwares being sold on the market that allow for its users to generate loads of incoming links to their website from other websites, while at the same time generating loads of outgoing links to other websites from their own website. These clusters of sites with a high level of link exchanges within them are known commonly as link exchange networks. These are illegal and should be avoided at all cost. A tell tale sign that gives a link exchange network away is the huge number of outgoing links to other website that has no relevant relation with the topic of this site, plus those site exchanging links amongst each other and back but with no relevant relationship with each other. An overly simplified analogy would be if a car company website linking to a toilet paper company web site and a women's cosmetics website. Followed by these latter sites linking with each other and back. Something does smell fishy, doesn't it? However of course there might indeed be genuine cases for this. For instance a delivery company that specializes in delivering toilet papers and women's cosmetics from a grocery in a small township to the nearby town folks.

The list of bad practices is non-exhaustive. As time goes by, we will add more items to watch out for.
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Monday, 18th Jan 2021
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