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Boost the Google Rank of your Wordpress Site Legitimately

I have came across multiple times questions on how to get their wordpress sites listed on Google. I have also heard multiple times that they were charged horrendous rates by companies that promised to get their ranking to number 1 within a short period of time. A word of warning to those who resort to such methods, these tactics might not be legitimate and might actually get your website totally delisted from Google due to malpractises.

The whole process of a legimate method is quite actually simple and straight forward. It starts with a submission of your sitemap to Our team has created a video that you could use as a reference to submit your wordpress sitemap to Google for indexing.

What comes after is a pure and simple hard work on your part. It is about creating relevant contents on your site that are genuinely helpful to visitors to your site seeking information. By relevant contents, I mean contents related to the main theme of your site, topics of which only you the owner of the site being the specialist in the subject as you are can create. Forget about hiring someone else who is not a specialist to do the search engine optimization for you, no matter how cheap their rates might be. This is because no one represents your company better than you do. Fake insincere messages that do not engage customers will simply turn them off.

When crafting an article on your wordpress site give some thoughts on why these potential visitors came. It is very likely they are having some problems they want to solve and are looking for information. It is also likely that the problems they want to solve might not be the problems of which solutions you have. Even if they are problems of which solutions which you have, the intention of your article should be to educate these visitors on their topic of interest. Google Analytics provides you with insights on what people are looking for when they come visiting your site. See the below video on how to do so.

At the end of the day, when these visitors do make a decision to engage your service, it should be a well educated decision. It will be a decision in which the client knows exactly what he is getting into and decided not to do it himself due not to a lack of knowledge but due to a better use of his time and resources elsewhere. The education of your client on the subject of your service should not just stop at the point of sales. It should continue into the service provision period as well as the post service period. Often I come across complaints from clients on former service providers. The service providers do indeed provide the service, however they often avoid teaching the knowledge of the trade to their clients even when clients expressed interest to do so. In the internet age as we are now in, maintaining a barrier to entry via trade secrets is not a very intelligent decision, when such knowledge is but a google search away. Business owners should instead strive to grow their buisinesses based on the ethos of openess, honesty and collaboration.

Constant exchange of ideas between you and your clients will help you improve your quality of service as well as increase the dimensional aspects of your service. It will also win their trust in you as a service provider. Bringing this idea back to the context of your wordpress site, your site is not just a regular website, it is a medium through which you maintain your relationship with your community of clients. By relationship, I mean a two way communication channel. Now that is search engine optimization, not just a process but a community of relationships.

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Friday, 22nd Jan 2021
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