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Embedding Facebook Fan Page widget in Wordpress

Just yesterday I received a question from Celin, owner of, on how to create a link on a wordpress site to a facebook fanpage via a widget. After some contemplation, I realized while this may seem an easy task to most techies/geeks like us working in this company, this might not actually be that easy for the normal everyday people who has no knowledge on how to do so.

I do hear of quite a few companies outside who charge horrendous rates for such simple tasks that can be completed in minutes. I even heard of other companies who charge even more horrendous rates for nonsense that will not only not benefit companies, but are in fact detrimental to their business well being. Hence to alleviate this malpraticise that is happening in our industry, our team decided to produce a video to educate the general public on how to embed your facebook fan page in your wordpress site. See below.

It is not really that hard and please don't pay horrendous rates to us geeks or ruthless salesmen for something like this. :)


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Thursday, 21st Jan 2021
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