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This article is relevant anyone who owns a website irregardless of the type of web hosting package used.

We normally use graphics in our web pages to beautify our site as well as help us present our ideas to visitors more effectively.

It is common to people new to developing content for the web to upload their images unprocess to the internet.

The idea is that it is essential that we pr-optimize our graphics before having them displayed onthe web.

Having a pre-optimized graphic will reduce web page loading time. This means visitors do not have to wait for a long time before seeing the contents that they are expecting to receive. This minimizes frustration.

We know that there are many pages on the web that presents contents and useful information for people (as known as substitutes for our own web pages), a typical user when experiencing slow loading time on a particular page will have no qualms about navigating way from that page to another.

In dollars and cents this means a lost of potential business.

So it is important to optimize our graphics for the web before having them upload and displayed for all to see.

Another good thing about optimizing a graphic for the web is this. We generally subscribe to web hosting accounts to host our sites and normally these web hosting accounts come with limited space. So having optimized graphics will not only reduce loading time but also reduce the use of hosting space. It translates to our ability to have more pictures of our for display. This will save us cost in the long run as we do not need to unneccesarily upgrade our web hosting accounts to bigger and more expensive ones.

To optimize your graphics for the web why not try using adobe photoshop today?

I will in my later article talk about how we can optimize our graphics for the web using adobe photoshop.

Friday, 22nd Jan 2021
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