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How to prolong the life span of your laptop

I have  had lots of experiences with clients as well as colleagues who buy themselves new laptops and do their work and play on the latter. Many of their systems work fine and properly at first but as times passes, their laptops slow down and often hang. This situation normally occurs 6 months into ownership of their laptops.

Within a year, they start complaining about slow response time as well as constant blue screen of death situations. They buy themselves a new laptop after that and the cycle continues.

You need not spend tons of money replacing your laptop every year. Many people do not actually know how to maintain their laptops properly. Improper use of computers could result in file corruption and system instability.

Here are a few tips you could apply right now to boost the life span of your laptop.

1. Do not move and shake your laptop while it is running

While this is common sense, most people do not actually know about it.While your laptop is running, the system reads and writes from your hard disk. Moving of your laptop while it is running causes scratches on the surface of your hard disk; as well as improper placements of bits which could result in system file corruption.

2. Do not load too much unnecessary softwares on top your computer system

While these software do not appear to  be running, some of them do in fact run silently in the background hogging up CPU process power unnecessarily.In worst case scenarios, you might have unknowingly installed malicious chunks of  codes on your computer that not only harm your computer but others in the same network as well.

3. Configure your existing softwares properly

It is not all the time that you will use all software on your computer, so why allow them to all boot up when you log into your account? Configure the ones you dont often use to only activate when you click on them.

4. Buy a laptop cooler

Investing in a laptop cooler is a wise decision. Your laptop generate a lot of heat when it is running. Unlike desktop which have built in fan, most laptop don't. The heat emitted from the hardware gets past downwards and is reflected upwards back into the hardware. A laptop cooler allows the laptop to maintain at a comfortable temperature reducing the chances of system meltdown due to overheating

4. Always backup your data

I cannot emphasis this enough. Not matter how much protective measures you make, there are still bound to be instances when your laptop stop working for some unforeseen reasons. Having a backup ensures the negative impact of any suchis minimal.

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Tuesday, 20th Oct 2020
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