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How to choose a computer in Singapore's Sim Lim Square

You have recently moved to Singapore and will be staying here for a long while maybe for work or maybe for studies. You realized you need a new laptop. You want to buy a new one but don't know where to go. Well you are in luck, the prices of computer hardwares are one of the cheapest in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

You might ask "where should I go to get my laptop in Singapore then?" Sim Lim Square will be the place to go. You could click on the link to see exactly where it is on the map.

Sim Lim Square has six levels of computer hardware shops all located in one building. This is a Geek's paradise compared with the usual case of having to drive for miles before even being able to locate a single computer hardware shop.

Now let's talk about how it works in Sim Lim Square. If you are definitely looking just for laptops, then you could pretty much by pass the first two levels and start from the third. In fact I would highly recommend you take the elevator and start your shopping from level six instead, slowly working your way downwards to level three. Prices at level six are the cheapest and as you proceed down the levels, prices tend to get more expensive. There are also some second hand shops on level six and if you know exactly what you need and are looking for you will definitely find a good bargain for yourself.

Before you start even start shopping, it would be important to first determine what exactly you are looking for. To do so you might want to ask yourself this first question

  1. For what kind of purposes am I going to use my laptop for
    1. For surfing the internet
    2. For wordprocessing
    3. For simple graphics processing
    4. For simple flash/text based gaming
    5. For intense graphics processing
    6. For intense 3D/real time/multiplayer gaming
    7. For intense software development
    8. For running as a testing server

If your answer lies further down the list you might be considering a more powerful laptop. To determine the capabilities you will then want to consider the following properties.

  1. Processor speed measured in Gigahertz - 2.5 GHZ is considered really fast at the time of writing by market standards
  2. RAM (readily accessible memory) measured in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB) - for usage type that is near to the beginning of the above list, 1Gb will suffice. For usage tending towards the bottom of the list, 4GB is the maximum you can go
  3. Hard disk space - 250GB will more than suffice for usage type that is near to the beginning of the above list.

You will want to consider other aspects of the laptop. If you are going to bring it around very often, you might want to ensure laptop is not too heavy. However if you have no intentions of bringing your laptop around much but place more emphasis processing power, weight will not be an issue you will want to consider

You will want to take note of the warranty period that comes along with the laptop and the kind of warranty issued. Below are the two types of warranties.

  • Onsite warranty - the technician will come to your place to fix up your laptop in case of technical difficulties
  • Offsite warranty - you will need to bring your laptop down for servicing, do check where it is you will need to bring your laptop down to

Be sure to check the number of years your laptop will be under warranty. This might affect the price of your laptop too, since the cost of providing such warranty is usually factored into the cost of the laptop.

Last but not the least, find a laptop with a design that is aesthetically pleasing. You are going to own it for a few years, of course you will need to love what you own!

After you have bought your laptop from Sim Lim Square you might want to further read this article on how to protect your laptop

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Thursday, 22nd Oct 2020
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