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Ezpublish 4.0 - changing currency sign displayed PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Zhiwen Teh   
Saturday, 31 January 2009 00:36

I was dealing with this scenario today. Apparently, I have already populated my webshop on ezpublish with a whole series of product. Everything was great until there a a new requirement that the product prices be displayed in US dollars instead of GBP.

Being puzzled, I did a little research and found this article configuring your site's locale

Apparently there is a whole list of locale supported by ezpublish. If you already have a working installation of ezpublish on you could go to [root folder] > share > locale >

In this folder are a whole list of support locale

Since the current locale is eng-GB corresponding to eng-GB.ini , I will want to change it to United States Locale corresponding to eng-US.ini, so this is what I do

go to and edit file [root folder] > settings > override > site.ini.append.php

If there is already an entry


you will need to change it to


Once done, save the file.

Clear the system cache and it will be displayed properly.

Hope it was helpful.

Monday, 26th Oct 2020
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