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General Understanding of the ezpublish architecture PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 25 January 2009 22:47

In the very core of the ezPublish content management system is a tree structure. This architecture is not immediately apparent when you examine the database tables in the MySql server, so to make things I will explain the structure below.

Contents are maintained as nodes in the tree corresponding to a record in the ezcontentobject_tree table.

Each record in the ezcontentobject_tree table corresponds to a record in the ezcontentobject. The ezcontentobject determines the kind of content this node is.

ezcontentobject corresponds to a record in the ezcontenclass which is the declare content type.

The ezcontenclass is described by multiple records in the ezcontentobject_attribute.

Likewise each ezcontentobject is described by corresponding records in the ezcontentobject_attribute.

Understanding the concept of how contents are stored in ezPublish is essential to extending ezPublish for your own specific requirements and needs
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