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Response to : Trouble in displaying the Special Block in Ezpublish 4.0.1 PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Zhiwen Teh   
Wednesday, 11 March 2009 21:23

This is question posed to me by a fellow developer which I thought I should highlight to the rest of us developing EzPublish.

I try to create a Special Block in Ezpublish 4.0.1. I have followed according to the steps have been mentioned in your site.

But When i try to create a event calendar block and try to display an event calendar but it shows like this...

Block: EventCalendar (Manual)
Annual Day Event Calendar..

instead of showing the calendar it shows only the block name and event name. What I have to do? I would like to show the event calendar on the front page itself.

Thanking you

Base on what I have read, the block.ini entry has been entered correctly. I think what is missing in this instance is the fact that the override.ini.append.php was not updated properly.

The override.ini.append.php file can be found in one of the sub directories under the location settings > siteaccess >

If you are using the default installation try inserting the following entry into the

  • settings > siteaccess > eng > override.ini.append.php
  • settings > siteaccess > ezflow_site_admin > override.ini.append.php

You will need to map the block type and view correctly to the template


Highlighted in bold of the above is what you will need to change. Perhaps you might want to tell me what entry you did in the block.ini file at location extension > ezflow > settings > settings > block.ini.append.php?

In that way I can help you even better.



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