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Written by Zhiwen Teh   
Saturday, 14 February 2009 13:33

I received a question on the EzPublish Section of Open Source Discussion Blog the other day:

step 1: first i created blog and than inside i created blog post.
step 2: Now When i click the blog all the blog post are displayed in the particular area.
step 3: At the same time right side dispalyed Tags,archive,Calendar.

These are the things happened defaultly,

here my doubt was

1)how it is happen
2)where it is happen
3)how to add new block in the right side



My answer after looking through the source:

Yes the contents displayed from the blog happens by default.

1) How it happens?

This is handle by the template engine. The blog is a content object. When you are in the view where you see all its blog post, you are actually viewing the the FULL version of the content object.

2)Where is the location of the template used for generating this view?


3)How to ad new block to the right side?

First thing first, we need to understand the display of this particular content object view is independent of the EzFlow extension.

This is actually part of the EzWebin extension.

To answer your question on how to add another block on the right. We look at this line in file: extension\ezwebin\design\ezwebin\override\templates\full\blog.tpl

The line: {include uri='design:parts/blog/extra_info.tpl' used_node=$node}

The location of this file is here: extension\ezwebin\design\ezwebin\templates\parts\blog\extra_info.tpl

To add a new block for example some_more_info

add this line : {include uri='design:parts/blog/some_more_info.tpl'} after {include uri='design:parts/blog/calendar.tpl'}

Next create a file at location extension\ezwebin\design\ezwebin\templates\parts\blog\ by the name of some_more_info.tpl

simply input your contents in the block in the file (some_more_info.tpl) and save.

Chances are your system cache might not show the updated view after you have done this step, so you need to clear your cache after you are done.

To clear cache

  1. login to your administrative backend.
  2. Go to setup
  3. Click on button clear all cache

Hope this is of help to you.

I will talk more about how to use template functions and operators to manipulate the interface in a later article.


Have a good day.

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