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Written by Zhiwen Teh   
Thursday, 05 February 2009 12:20

I encountered this problem issue the other day while creating a special block that is to be used in the ezflow front page.

When logged in as user A the contents within the block is suppose to display dataset for A.

When logged in as user B, the contents within the block is suppose to display dataset for B.

Apparently when logged in as user A and then as user B, the dataset did not update. This problem could have been avoided if the login process was via the default method. However due to usability issue the log in was done via a block in the front page view.

Proposed solution to this method is to disable the caching of content from the special block. To do this simply add this line of syntax at the top of the template .tpl file

{set-block scope=global variable=cache_ttl }0{/set-block}

Alternatively it is possible to control the length of time before the next cache is recompiled

Doing the entry as below will set the cache to 5 mins (300 secs)

{set-block scope=global variable=cache_ttl }300{/set-block}

For futher reading it is possible to go to here


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