Web Service - Using NUSOAP for PHP5 with EzPublish 4 Print
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Written by Zhiwen Teh   
Tuesday, 03 February 2009 13:35

Yes it is possible to create and consume web services using an EzPublish System. If your ezpublish version is less than 4.0.x, you can easily download and install an extension called NuSoap from ez.no

For EzPublish version 4.0.x as it is based upon PHP 5, it means the current NuSOAP extension downloadable from ez.no will not work with it.

All hope is not lost as I have coded a new extension using the NuSOAP libraries for PHP 5, aka also ezPublish 4.0.x. Please drop me an email if you are interested in obtaining this package.

To install the extension available on ez.no simply follow the steps below:

  1. Download the component
  2. Extract contents into your <extension> directory
    1. The location of this directory should be here: <root folder> /extension
  3. Update your site settings by changing entry in your site.ini file
    1. To do so go to settings / override / site.ini.append.php
    2. Insert ActiveExtensions[]=nusoap into section [ExtensionSettings]

With these steps done you can now start extending your ezpublish site to provide or consume webservice.

Note just by following these above mentioned steps alone, you will see nothing explicitly that indicates any webservice exist.

You will need to do either one of these two things.

  • Implement a web service client
  • Implement a web service server

I will cover more on these two latter topics in my next blog entry.