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Tiong Seng Leather Goods

Case : Tiong Seng Leather Limited - Front Accounting Software

 Tiong Seng Leather Limited is a major importer of leather goods. They are based in Singapore. They are suppliers of major clientele such as Mustafa Shopping Center. They require a migration of their old accounting system that was written in Fox Pro to a new system in this case the Front Accounting Software, a web based PHP System

The need to migrate is due to the fact that it is increasingly hard to find people to maintain Fox Pro Softwares in the industry as it is a dying language. 

However one of the major issues they faced with the use of the Front Accounting Software was that some of their requirements did not match to the Front Accounting System. This is where Gary Web Consulting came into the picture. 

We conducted a few sessions of consulting to find out the way their business operation works as well as gather the reports that they would like to have printed from the System. Thereafter we customized the Front Accounting Software System to cater to Tiong Seng Leather Limited's requirements.


Front Accounting Software


Monday, 25th Jan 2021
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