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iTradeAds is a portal with a steadily growing pool of members.


  • Itradeads is very organic.
  • The management would like to have the flexibility of separating members into more groups with access to different functions without incurring too much time and effort in the configuration process
  • The management requires a standard workflow for its membership approval process.

Our proposal

  • I proposed the use of the ezpublish 1.5 content management system with the ezflow package installed.
  • The platform is built in with ajax support using the Xajax 1.5 library to reduce page loading time.
  • The easily extensible content management model of the ezpublish can well cater to the increasingly segragated demand
  • iTradeAds can now spend more time and effort increasing its membership base and less on its logistic matters.
Thursday, 21st Jan 2021
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