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Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web is an online retailing business that specializes in baby clothings as well as women's accesories.

Ms Ivy Woo would like a simple way to update her catalogue without her having to go to each and every item in the online catalogue to do the update each time she brings in a new batch of goods. Also she has very specific requirements on clothing sizes. She wants the ability to maintain a separate stock quantity for each size of every clothing item. Last but not the least, she had a very strict deadline as to when she wanted to launch her site into the market.

Our team was engaged by Ms Ivy Woo to fulfill these specific requirements. Through extensive research of 8 major existing open source shopping cart systems available in the market, we are able to identify that OpenCart has the closest fit to her list of requirements.

Through carefully modelling of her requirements in the workflow diagram we were able to customize the OpenCart to the exact built and requirement she needed. We were thus able to finish her site well ahead of schedule. She was thus able to launch her site on time on the 4th of August.

Here is her testimonial:

"Gary was of a key contributor to my online store project and what impressed me the most was his promptness, friendlines and professionalism. From the onset, he proved that he knew his stuf. He was keen to listen and even shared my excitement and egged me on at times. After I shared with him what I wished to do, he quickly reverted with a systematic proposal and included things that I didn't even think through before. This exemplified his thoughtfulness and knowledge!

Despite my numerous questions and requests, he handled them patiently and didn't once make me feel I was asking stupid questions though I know I was, on quite a few occasions.

I'm thankful for his willingness to share info and it's great he thought me the basics of photoshop, I can now create professional looking banners and collaterals on my own to support my overall branding strategy.

I would recommend Gary to anyone trying to create a website, you will be in great hands!

Ivy Woo"

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Thursday, 21st Jan 2021
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