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Joanne Choo Language Center

Joanne Choo Language Center is a language center that specializes in English language tuition for kids from Primary school to Secondary school in Singapore. Joanne Choo Language Center has been delivering results for student in the English subject over the pass 10 over years.

Ms Joanne Choo and her staff would like a simple way to update the contents of her website and provide both students and parents useful information on their tuition center.

Our team was engaged by Ms Joanne Choo to fulfill these specific requirements. Through innovative use of YouTube videos, we were able to provide support and training for her entire staff. We also showed her ways and means to harness the power of the internet to boost the strength of her branding.

"I am Gary's ex-school teacher, but now he has emerged as my teacher to guide my staff and me to set up my website on my own. I admire his great knowledge on internet. He is so brilliant that with his tips and advice, my website has notched up the position to be at the top when anyone tries to google the name of my company. That is amazing as mine used to rank way below. I heap praises for his great patience by sending tutorial steps to guide my staff and me whenever we get stuck as to what to do next. He should be highly sought after when you need someone to come up with solutions for internet problems. He is a fascinating whizkid.

Joanne Choo"

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Monday, 18th Jan 2021
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