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Moose Permit

Moose Permit is a moose hunting portal based in Maine, United States America

The operators of Moose Permit, Steve Beckwith would like to extend the existing Joomla 1.5 content management system to include a new set of functions. He would like to make it possible for members to automatically register their permit swap interest as well as to transact their payment online. He would also like for the Joomla 1.5 content management system administrator to have the ability to administrate the records submitted by the members.

Steve needs the new functions to be ready by the 16th of June 2011 in time for the nation wide Moose Permit Swap.

Our team was engaged by Steve to fulfill these specific requirements. Through innovative use of YouTube videos and scanned jpeg documents, we were able to come to a common understanding of the specific details of his requirements.

After 48 hours of intense focus on the development of the required component, followed by a few rounds of feedback from Steve and iterative rework of the software artifact, it was finally up and ready. Steve's site is now all set and ready for the Nationwide Moose Permit Swap.

"I live in the USA and I am the owner of a small web design company and needed a special component for one of my websites, here in Maine, I contacted Teh Gary, of Gary Consulting Group, located in Singapore, to see if they could design a Joomla component for my website. I can personally attest for his teams professionalism and accuracy in creating the Joomla Component I needed for my website. My website needed a very specific registration component with Paypal integration. Teh Gary designed and worked with me by email, and in just a few short days, they had completed a very complex joomla component to achieve what my online business required. A simple install in the back end and I had just what I needed!

I create Joomla based websites for my clients and sometimes there are issues I can not resolve on my own. I used to have to manually enter user information into an "Article" using an html table, I had to manually register each user and provide a user name and log in manually, all to which took me a great deal of time for over 400 users in a two week period, the component that Gary Consulting Group developed for me was perfectly designed to my needs, my site is now 100% automated by the user when they pay for my website services! They even created a module that allows me to enter information manually when my users pay by telephone! Do not hesitate to use this company for all your Joomla designing needs, I know I will use them again for sure! Very reasonably priced too!

Steve Beckwith

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