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Resolve Systems

Resolve systems is a company that specializes in software distribution

Founders of Resolve Systems, Mark and Robert would like to build their website on the Joomla 1.5 content management system. They have strict requirements in terms of the layout for the copyrighting materials that will be published on their corporate website. They also want the ability to edit the contents on their corporate websites themselves.Last but not the least, they needed the site up within 24 hours so as to allow them ample time to prepare for the presentatin session with their client next week.

Our team was engaged by them to fulfill these specific requirements. We sat down with Mark and Robert for an afternoon and engaged ourselves in a process of rapid prototyping with them. During this session, we iterated through the formatting of the copyrighted materials as well as the general aesthetic layout of the site.

After 6 hours of intense focus on the site, it was finally up and ready. Not only are Mark and Robert now ready for the forthcoming presentation, they have also learnt how to manage their website.

I am writing to reference the website that Gary Consulting Group has successfully completed for my company, Resolve Systems.

I must say that I was very impressed with the quality of work that Gary Consulting has produced. Their designers and consultants exhibited professionalism, competency, and dedication in what they were tasked to do. I provided them with a brief and some essential requirements that I expected of my company website. They not only met my objectives, but also provided very good hands-on training and instruction to my team such that we were equipped to further develop and embellish our company website on our own. This was very essential as we need to further develop the company website on our own as our business expands.

I highly recommend Gary Consulting Group to any company who is looking for a professional and highly competent team to partner them in their website development.

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Wednesday, 27th Jan 2021
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