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Apple Soiree


Joanna founder of AppleSoiree is a passionate events planner with 8 years of experience working New York one of the few leading fashion capitals of the world .

She needs a content management system where she could keep an updated portfolio of the all events planned by her company. She would also like to have a website where she could show case more about her company to potential prospects to her website.

Our team sat with Joanna to understand her news as well as to help her craft up an online marketing strategy which she could readily apply to - a content management system built on top of wordpress the leading blogging software. We also helped her organize her site in a framework that will be easy to navigate for users so as to boost the turn over rate from online visitors to sales leads.

Here is her testimonial


Gary was such a pleasure to work with. What I was really impressed with is his willingness to teach. Gary is different from other web designers that I know of, instead of building a website and then expecting to charge for every subsequent change, Gary makes sure to teach me how to make these changes (in simple layman terms without needing any programming knowledge!) and gives me the resources to succeed. Additionally, I was very happy that he spent a lot of time explaining the importance of building presence on the internet and even provided me with a comprehensive and easy to follow list of strategies to ensure my website is easily found on search engines like Google. At the end of the day, not only did I get a website that I was very happy with, I got an education on creating an online marketing strategy to build sales leads. Thank you so much and job well done Gary!
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Monday, 18th Jan 2021
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